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 If you want to get healthy and stay healthy, running can be the best outlet for
 most people. If you decide to start a regimen or program, it is imperative you
 first consult with a local physician to make sure you have no underlying health
 condition. Sure, you might feel great but you could aggravate or complicate an
 unknown problem such as high blood pressure or one of many other problems
 that could be related to your family history. Be safe and take this first step to
 get a "clean bill" of health and approval to start a running program by a quali-
 fied professional!


 It is hoped the information presented here will assist you in starting a healthy running program
 that you can rely on day after day, week after week and into as many years you want to keep
 going! There are many different types of runners and everyone does it for various reasons.
 There are competitive runners or those who continually enter into marathons and 10K races to
 acquire trophies or certificates. The casual runners are those who do it to shed a few pounds
 after the holidays . . . or the dedicated runners who have a regular routine, and want to keep
 or maintain a certain weight and fitness level. For starting a program, start simple walking so
 your body, limbs and system can slowly and gradually acclimate itself to your future plans. Do
 a half mile and see how your body reacts . . you'll quickly be able to see things happen as your
 breathing will change, your appetite will adjust to the intended program and so on. Running is a
 "lifestyle" for many people. It can become a part of one's psyche where you will actually crave
 vigorous exercise such as running. All that's required is a good pair of comfortable running
 Please visit all of the websites, links and information to find the appropriate information
 that will help you.

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